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Buy to Let Mortgage Advice

If you’re planning to purchase a residential property in order to rent it out for profit, you’ll need a Buy to Let mortgage. You will not be allowed to live in the property once a Buy to Let mortgage is in place. It is sometimes possible to change a standard residential mortgage to a Buy to Let, if you decide you want to rent out your own home.

Who can get a Buy to Let Mortgage?

There are a number of criteria you will need to meet in order to secure a Buy to Let Mortgage:

  • Some lenders ask you to own a residential property for your own home, however there are few that do not insist on this.
  • Some lenders will insist on a minimum salary however there are a small number that have no minimum income threshold.  
  • Have a good credit score
  • Some lenders will insist on previous landlord experience

How does a Buy to Let mortgage differ from a standard residential mortgage?

A Buy to Let mortgage has a higher deposit requirement (25% minimum) and fees than a standard residential mortgage. The interest rates are also usually higher, however, Buy to Let mortgages are predominantly interest-only, so the monthly repayments are more affordable throughout the duration of the mortgage. As with any interest-only mortgage, you pay off the full loan amount at the end of the mortgage term.

Unlike residential mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), unless you purchase a property specifically to rent to immediate family.

How much can you borrow with a Buy to Let Mortgage?

Perhaps the most significant way a Buy to Let Mortgage differs from other mortgages, is that the loan is calculated based on the potential rental yield (income) from the property, rather than personal affordability.

Most lenders will expect your chosen property’s rental yield to provide 125 -145% of your monthly mortgage payments. How much you can borrow with a Buy to Let Mortgage will therefore vary quite dramatically depending on the property you choose to buy.

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Our fully qualified, experienced advisers have access to a wide range of products from across the entire mortgage market, including specialist mortgages for people with complex circumstances. 

Planning for when no rent is coming in

When you plan to apply for a Buy to Let Mortgage, it’s important to consider how you’ll maintain the mortgage payments throughout periods of property vacancy. Whilst they can provide a stable income, all rental properties are vacant at times, for example, during renovation or whilst you are waiting to find tenants.

High end rental protection policies are a sensible way to cover repayments on your mortgage when your rental income is lacking. Most will cover property vacancies which result from a wide variety of circumstances.

Ensure you have the final lump sum covered

Although it’s quite standard practice for landlords to pay off the final lump sum at the end of their mortgage by selling their rental property. Whilst this can be a reasonable repayment option, there are many situations where it won’t be viable.

It’s important, therefore, to have a backup plan in place. There are a variety of reasons that selling your rental property might not be an option, from a lower than anticipated sale price, to a slow market, meaning you don’t sell it in time to repay the loan.

The tax implications of owning a Buy to Let Property

There are a number of tax implication to consider before you decide to become a landlord, such as:

  • If you own more than one property, there is an extra 3% Stamp Duty requirement on each additional property
  • You are liable for income tax on all earnings from your rental property(ies)
  • When you sell your rental properties, you’ll have to pay both capital gains and income tax on any profit you make

Tax Benefits

As a landlord, you are able to get tax relief on some of the costs involved in property rental so long as you’re a standard rate tax payer; these include property repairs, council tax and utilities (that you pay), letting agency and other property management fees. 

How can a Mortgage Broker help me to find the right Buy to Let mortgage?

Buy to Let Mortgages are available from both high street and specialist mortgage lenders, however, choosing the most suitable mortgage offer for you can be confusing. In order to achieve optimal profit from your Buy to Let property, it’s important to get mortgage rates that work for you. At Heritage, our knowledgeable brokers can help you to secure a mortgage deal to suit you, whatever your circumstances.

Emma Louise Williams

I cannot express the quality of service received as a first time buyer from Luke at Heritage Mortgages. No query to big or small, with quick responses alongside an exemplary level of service, Luke secured a great result during the pandemic so I could purchase my beautiful new home. Great market knowledge surrounding self-employed earnings was clearly evident and secured the desired result. Thank you!

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Annabelle is a top notch Mortgage broker. She took a year of silly questions, being stupid and setbacks from me and she stuck by me and got me my mortgage on my first home. She’s an excellent person who just thoroughly loves her job and wants to see people happy in their homes. Could not recommend anyone higher! Thank you Annabelle.

Chloe Club

Highly recommend Annabelle, she is a fantastic broker, she sorted our remortgage in a flash! My hubby and I were concerned about the process due to him being self employed but Annabelle got us a DIP in no time at all, a mortgage offer within days and I’m happy to say we’ve just completed. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received, it was faultless – thank you! So if you are reading this and like us you are hesitant about speaking to a broker I’d say just do it, Annabelle took away all the stress and got us a great deal. ?

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